Sothea Thang is a self-taught Cambodian artist born in 1983. He graduated from Norton University in Phnom Penh with a degree in architecture and urban planning, and he worked at an architectural agency from 2007 to 2010.

In September 2009, Sothea took a leave from his architectural position and turned to painting for a break from his office job. This soon became his vocation when he developed “Happy Together”, his first collection of paintings. The series was commissioned by a Siem Reap hotel and was exhibited later that year, and its success pushed Sothea to explore his skills across visual media, even as he continued to work as a freelance architect.

Seven series have followed his first: “Look at Me” (2010); “Don’t Be Shy” (2011); “Khmerographies” (2011); “Cambodian Mosaic” (2012); “Destiny” (2012). His sixth and seventh series, “Manu” (2015) and "Devata" (2015), were Sothea’s first forays into sculpture. In “Manu” and "Devata", as well as a previous project, “T-Art” (2014), Sothea has also developed designs for wearable art. Throughout these series, Sothea has experimented with an increasingly wide range of media, incorporating photography into his painting technique and designing apparel that resembles his own sculptures.

Sothea has exhibited in various galleries in Phnom Penh, including Meta House (2010), Institut Français (2011) the Photo Phnom Penh Festival (2012), and the Plantation Resort (2015). He owned his own gallery, Top Art, in Phnom Penh for a few years, and he has also exhibited at Orenda Art International Gallery in Paris, France (2013). Most recently, he has exhibited "Devata" at the Alliance Française in Bangkok, Thailand (2015).


October 2015, solo exhibition:

“Devata” at Alliance Française, Bangkok, Thailand

March 2015, solo exhibition:

“Manu” at The Plantation Hotel, Resort and Spa, Phnom Penh

April 2014, group exhibition:

“La galerie des arts” at Christie’s auction with Lionel Gosset, Sofitel Phokeethra, Phnom Penh

March 2013, solo exhibition:

“Cambodge, la force d’un regard” at Galerie Orenda, Paris, France

December 2012, solo exhibition:

“Cambodian Mosaics” at Phnom Penh Photo Festival, Top Art gallery, Phnom Penh

October 2012, group exhibition:

“Colored Destinies” at Plantation Hotel-Resort, Phnom Penh

May 2012, group exhibition:

“My Destiny” at French Institute 20th Anniversary Event, Phnom Penh

March 2012, group exhibition:

Artwork selection, «Salon du luxe et art de vivre », Phnom Penh

November 2011, group exhibition:

“Look at Me” at Angkor Art Explo Festival, Siem Reap

October 2011, solo exhibition:

“Khmerographies” at Top Art gallery, Phnom Penh

May 2011, group exhibition:

“Don’t Be Shy” at Meta House/Goethe-Institut, Phnom Penh

January 2011, solo exhibition:

“Look at Me” at CCF, French Institute, Phnom Penh

August 2010, solo exhibition:

“Happy Together” at Meta House/Goethe-Institut, Phnom Penh

Exhibition online, at: