After beginning his experimentation with Khmer calligraphy in his previous series, "Look at Me" and "Don’t Be Shy", Sothea created an entire series to clarify the relationship between the painted object and its typographical representation. In doing so, he sought to play with the apparent distinction between the signifier and the signified. In this tribute to the art of Khmer writing, Sothea pushes the limits of this calligraphy in the tradition of ideograms, pictographs, and even hieroglyphs. Sothea’s approach brings together literal forms of Cambodia – its linguistic scripts – with figurative depictions of its culture. Through its sometimes humorous explorations of family, the arts (dance, theatre, music), religion and tradition, social life, urban bustle, and nature, “Khmerographies” (2011) explores varied means of representing a country and its culture.