In 2013, Sothea undertook a renovation of a multi-level apartment on the upper floors of a four-story building on Street 110, near Phnom Penh's Old Market (Psar Chaas). One of the major elements of the work was the transformation of the original outside terrace into a covered living space.

Sothea's plan separated the kitchen-living room from the outdoor dining and garden area, and added greater privacy to the master bedroom on the upper floor. The addition of a new rooftop and open terrace transformed the original flat roofdeck into a wooden patio and an enclosed master suite on the building's fourth floor.

Some photographs from the renovation's progression:

One of the key features of the redesign and renovation was the creation of an open space on both levels, to take in light from the rooftop and add a mezzanine on the stairwell. The wood claustra and window panels ensured proper ventilation and greater sunlight at all hours of the day.  Sothea's plan also opened private spaces to the elements, such as the addition of an outdoor shower off of the second bedroom's terrace.